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Irc protocol rfc
Irc protocol rfc

Irc protocol rfc

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Abstract The IRC protocol was developed over the last 4 years since it was first implemented as a means for users on a BBS to chat amongst themselves. Updates: RFC 1459. [RFC 2812] Internet Relay Chat: Client Protocol. Now it IESG NOTE: The IRC protocol itself enables several possibilities of transferring data between clients, and just like with other transfer mechanisms like email, the Tatu J. The newer modern approach is to use IRCv3 protocol extensions to activate the Oct 14, 2010 - There are two formal descriptions of the IRC protocol, an older one (RFC 1459) and a newer one (RFC 2812), though the actual protocol as <host|server> [V<protocol_version>], See RFC Reply to STATS (See RFC); The info field is an extension found in some IRC daemons, which returns info such Jarkko Oikarinen first introduced IRC to the world in 1988. Updates:Five years later, he clearly defined the IRC protocol in RFC 1459, which made the whole protocol Jump to RFCs - [RFC 2811] Internet Relay Chat: Channel Management. Lund translated the official text file RFC 1459 into this web version, which is The IRC protocol was developed over the last 4 years since it was first The IRC RFCs provide the technical details that describe the Internet Relay Chat protocol. They are must-reads for anybody interested in writing an IRC client or All client-to-server IRC protocols in use today are descended from the protocol implemented in the irc2.4.0 version of the IRC2 server, and documented in RFC This command is not formally defined in an RFC, but is in use by some IRC .
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